The Way of Korean Zen, by Kusan Sunim

way-of-korean-zenPractical advice for meditators, including treatment of the Korean practice of sitting with questions.

The introduction (by Stephen Batchelor) briefly covers the history of Buddhism in Korea and of life in Kusan’s monastery, plus a biography of Kusan himself. The teachings by Kusan begin with a basic orientation to meditation, followed by some talks from a winter retreat and advice and encouragement. It concludes with a commentary on the ten oxherding pictures.

Both the translator Martine Batchelor and introduction author Stephen Batchelor trained in Korea with Kusan. Martine Batchelor was Kusan’s translator for several years.

Kusan Sunim. The Way of Korean Zen. Translated by Martine Bachelor, with an introduction by Stephen Batchelor. Boston: Weatherhill/Shambhala, 1985. Second edition, revised, 2009. 192 pages.